Oh la la it’s the Oscars again

2009 Oscar nominations are in so who can we expect to win?

I was glad to see Kate Winslet was nominated as Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Reader. After all, her cameo as a Nun in Nazi Germany for Ricky Gervais’s “Extras” revealed (in jest) that Hollywood loves a Holocaust film and she’d be a shoe in for an Oscar. Little did she expect those comical words would ring true. Other Brit hopefully Sally Dawkins didn’t secure a nomination for her role as an impossibly happy and optimistic primary school teacher in Happy-Go-Lucky (one of my favourite films last year) which was disappointing from a personal perspective.

Danny Boyles’s “feel good movie of the year” (I’m sure he’s spitting acid at this epithet) Slumdog Millionaire has received 10 nominations. I watched this film on the opening Friday night here in the UK at the Broadway and despite the half bottle of wine I had drank, it was a good film, not a great film, but definitely a good film. I really enjoyed it and look it for what it was – a very small, short snapshot into the lives of Indian street children. I didn’t find it especially challenging and none of the hideous realities and atrocities, which face the real slum dogs of Mumbai, but as story I found it really entertaining, visually stunning and wet my appetite to go travelling in India.

I’m excited about the launch of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and more so now that it was nominated for a whopping 13 Oscars. But aside from the panel’s obvious enthusiasm for this film, I guess it just goes to show people love a ripping yarn and if it includes Brad Pitt then so much the better!

Frost Nixon, Ron Howard’s, political showdown picked up five nominations. Another film I’m excited to see after reading Esquire’s interview with James Reston Jr (the man who dug the dirt on Nixon to fuel Frost’s interview). Esquire raised a good point about whether in future years we’ll be seeing a Mar/ Bush style interview to expose the political inadequacies of America’s ex president. Wishful thinking I guess, but I recon if it did happen they’d be a lot of Oscars! Another political film, Milk, picked up 8, Sean Penn being nominated for his lead role as did the Dark Knight with predictably Health Ledger’s role as the Joker being touted to win Best Supporting Actor. Super cute summer blockbuster, Pixar’s Wall-E picked up 6 nomination, but surprisingly for an animated movie Waltz with Bashir did not get nominated (only for best foreign film).

Roll on Feb 22nd

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