Trailer Week - Terminator Salvation etc

One week off, a trip to the snow covered Alps and I’ve missed the Oscars. Oh well, there’s always Hello magazine to catch up on the fashion and Empire for the reviews.

Whilst in France I was surprised to see how many posters were up for Terminator Salvation (or Renaissance if you’re French) so once off the plane and safely back at the flat I logged onto Yahoo Movies to catch up.

So last night, feeling out of the loop on the film front I logged onto Yahoo Movies and caught on the trailers. Christian Bale’s voice over is sufficiently tough guy ‘gruff’ but a whiff away from ridiculous. I guess we need to see how the years have hardened John Connor from wayward teenager to military master. The trailer gives a glimmer of fantastic action sequences and star performances (Bryce Dallas Howard) and exciting directing (McG) so we know we’re in for a blockbuster treat. The only confusing issue is Connor’s (Bale) response to a ‘human’ Terminator – surely this would be obvious to him (you’d think his experience with Arnie would have made a lasting impact) but all in all Terminator Salvation looks set to quench the thirst of every Terminator fan who wishes to forget the terrible Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

Out 5th June. See it here

Next I checked out “The Boat that Rocked”, Richard Curtis’s film about a team of pirate radio stars in the swinging 60s. I’m not a fan of Richard Curtis, for me, the less said about “Love Actually” and “4 Weddings” the better. However, I am glad to see Curtis has ditched his favourite leading man (the gibbering Grant) to take on some great new talent (though Bill Nighy did slip through the net).

I’m excited to see Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Nick Frost (Spaced, Hot Fuzz, Sean of the Dead) appear together as the star DJs of this pirate radio station. I read an interview with Frost who claimed Hoffman had such a presence on set that the other British actors didn’t know how to behave around him, so after a couple of days he just said “Oh, stop going on about your Oscar” and successfully broke the ice.

Based on the trailer it looks dangerously close to becoming a parody and potentially borrowing some ‘shagadelic’ Austin Powers’s style jokes. Let’s hope not. I think Hoffman and Frost could save it so I’ll make the effort to go.

Out 1st April 09. Watch the trailer here

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