Robin Hood – Sneak Peak

Love it, Ridley Scott is bringing my (present) home town hero to live on the big screen again, and who better to play the tough man in tights but Russel Crowe. Yes, Robin Hood is re-visited for cinema entertainment as “Nottingham”. Judging from the picture’s released the other day it won’t be a modern day tale (no drunken hen do’s to rescue from market square, no taxes to take from the offshore tax dodging rich residents of The Park, and no depiction of the all too sad reality that Sherwood Forest is just a field in north Nottingham).

The BBC today has posted an interesting feature about this country’s obsession with this midland’s legend. With Alistair Darlings budget being deemed to be “taking from the rich to give to the poor” I’m guessing it’s a theme that’s still a hot topic today. You can read it here

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