Canne round up

Here's a good little summary from the BBC:

Upcoming films I'm getting excited about:

1. We need to talk about Kevin - the only British contender, and should be pretty disturbing, for one it's got Tilda Swinton in it and she's pretty mad.

2. The Way - Emilio Estevez directs his dad Michael Sheen in this pilgrimage tale which questions relationships, spirituality and community. Interesting context in light of older brother Charlie's tabloid antics. In a Radio 4 Film Programme interview Emilio said he felt his film was similar to the Wizard of Oz - in terms of it's a personal journey of discovery - to know you already have the qualities you seek (courage, heart etc)

3. The Tree of Life - Palme D'Or winner, and full of Brad Pitt, can't go wrong.

4. The Red Dog - Louis DeBerniere's book which he's actually approved of in film form (unlike Captain Corelli's Mandolin) - it's ultimately a children's tale based on a true story about a red dog in the Australian outback who was notorious for catching lifts with trucks, buses and trains.

5. Snow White and the Huntsman - there's something going on in the woods with a series of Grim's Brothers tales being made into movies. This looks more promising than the soppy 'twilight' style Red Riding Hood.

6. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 - the final showdown!

7. The Hobbit - Martin 'Bilboa' Freeman let slip at the BAFTAs that fellow Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch might be starring - but in what role? I guess I've only got a year to wait - 2012 release date

8. The Dark Knight Rises - Chris Nolan's back to direct the third in the Christian Bale Batman flicks - this time Brit Tom Hardy (Bronson, Inception) is the muscular baddy, Blane and released pics look terrifying!

That's all for now, 8 a nice round number.

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